About our foundation

This foundation was established in 2018 after long preparation which is a brand new initiative by parents.

Our aim is to collect enough fund for our first born son, Vid Marosi's medical treatment in order to provide him the most livable life he could have. This is extremely challenging as Vid has no exact diagnosis therefore, no exact treatment is currently possible. However, we do our best to provide him the most suitable medical exams and therapies in his home country - and in the neighboring countries as well - to find him the therapy that actually suits him.

The biggest challenge is currently to find him the right institution because neither around us or even in the country there is no nursery or kindergarden for SNI children. 

These problems put us in a situation where we wanted to achieve more therefore, the Vidd Tobbre Foundation's main aim is not just to support our son but also to establish an institution which supports the progress of children having similar medical condition, provides daycare, gives all necessary information to the family, possibility for therapies and a lot more which makes the challenging everydays a bit smoother and easier. 

Our long term aim is to provide therapy options which are not available locally. This would reduce the commute for the families who has children that needs similar special care to medical centers that provides physical exercises, gymnastic. 

This medical center is planned to be established in Komarom-Esztergom county